Happy Birthday Fran!

My Grandmother, Frances, was my favorite person in the world. She used to say we were soul mates. She was smart, strong and funny as can be. She always said she was Cleopatra in a former life.  Today would have been her birthday.  Each birthday I would give her a half dozen red roses – her favorite flower. She loved it! Happy Birthday Fran, This bud’s for you! rose bud

The Connection

Fredda   July 7, 2016   No Comments on The Connection

I want to share an incredible experience I had this afternoon. I was sitting on a ledge outside the neighborhood Whole Foods, while checking my phone messages, when a bee flew over and landed on my arm. She lightly touched my sleeve, staying there for a moment, then flew between my arm and purse, almost snuggling against me. I could hear a very soft buzz and was humbled and uplifted by this beautiful experience. I stayed there for a couple moments, savoring the moment, then gently got up to leave. And as I walked away, I was absolutely conscious of the life all sentient beings share. It was wonderful!.