A fond Goodbye

Fredda   February 4, 2018   No Comments on A fond Goodbye

Today I am speaking at the First Spiritual Church in Denver.

The talk will be dedicated to my sister, Meredith who passed away on February 5th of 2012,  and 22 1/2 year old cat, Jasmine Lily  who  passed away on February 4th of 2012.
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My Annual New Years List

HAPPY  2018!
Every New Years (and Birthday)
I List Three things I accomplished that year.
I then list Three Things I Intend to Attain in the New Year.
In 2017 I:
Legally Changed my Name (from ‘Fredda to Kendara)
Moved after 18 years.
Began Meditating Twice a Day

In 2018 I will:
Follow My Intuition More
Be kinder to and more Accepting of others
Be Kinder and More Loving (to Myself)

What does your 2018 list say?

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