(Originally Posted on October 5, 2013)
Yesterday morning I learned something about communication.
Sitting at my computer, I heard my cat Spirit making sounds as she at on the windowsill looking out. Because she was behind the blinds,(I was unable to see what or whom she was talking to). I decided to investigate.. Walking up to the window and opening the blinds, I was surprised to see a neighbor’s white cat walking on the edge of the brick wall right in front of my window. Because my cat is also white, the image was breathtaking. The thing I noticed about the interaction between the two felines is that they were getting along. Each was doing their thing; Spirit sitting on the sill, surveying the scenery; the other cat, busy exploring the brick wall (and surrounding area) he was walking on.

Upon discovering what had claimed Spirit’s attention, I returned to my desk to continue typing. As I sat there, my attention returned to Spirit and the other cat. Although I was unable to see either of them, I knew they were communicating in their own way. Spirit, although curious about the ventures of the other cat, (I will call him ‘David’ here) was fine with him walking around. David was also fine, as his casual, yet intent, gait and manner indicated. And I realized-as I watched the pair of them- that I was able to tune into and access the situation simply by observing without any ideas about what was going on.

This is just another example of how one can listen with all their senses.

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Waiting to be Led

I feel as though I am on the precipice of a shift on all levels. Although uncertain what this will look like,  I know that it will be Divinely orchestrated. I sit here on June 27th, in the wee hours of the morning unable to sleep. I have chosen – or perhaps ‘agreed’- to listen and follow whatever messages, insights, and inspirations, follow. I sit with knowingness that indeed this will all make sense, once I stop trying to figure out what this means.

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to wait. Never having had children, I cannot really equate this with a pregnant woman waiting for her unborn child to arrive. I can, however, compare this to  a project, which is still in its incipient stages. I have an awareness that something is being created, yet no idea how it will manifest or even what it will be. So I sit, waiting to be guided and led. Because what else is there to do? Around me are the sounds of neighbors in different apartments in the building I currently reside in.

Perhaps it is time to move. I know I no longer feel like I fit in. But I haven’t felt like I fit in for quite some time. …anywhere actually. Given the opportunity, I would probably continue as I am; comfortable, functioning yet not really flourishing.  This is really challenging for me. I somewhat feel like the fat 12 year old who was invited to a popular girl’s birthday party because our mothers happened to be friends. I am here, but not really comfortable. I guess I might look at this as an indication that this isn’t how or where I need or even want.


Every Time I Do This = I Get That

That’ being a sense of insecurity. ‘This’ is the tendency I sometimes have to compare myself to others. Case in point; I was having dinner with a friend-a woman about my age, with whom I have much in common. Things were going well, the conversation was flowing, the food was wonderful…a good time was being had by both of us. 
Then I began looking around. When I did, I observed that almost every other table there, consisted of couples. And although I didn’t really think much about the compatibility of each pair, I did notice that almost everyone there (except for my friend and myself) seemed to be on a date.
‘Why’, I wonder, ‘does the fact that I was there without a date bother me so much?’ I’m not really looking for a relationship, yet, here I was, taking what had been a perfectly nice dinner, and making it a little less nice by comparing myself to others.
Anyway, now that I am home and relaxing, I recognize that every time I focus on what I think am missing in my life, instead of appreciating what I do have, I become a little off balance. I never realized being human would be so difficult.

(Originally Published on February 14, 2010)

Making Changes One Step at a Time

I recently found an amazing book; ‘One Small Step’ (The Kaizen Way), by Robert Maurere, Ph.D). The idea behind this book is that smaller more steady changes manageable changes can last longer and are less intimidating than larger, more drastic ones. An example the author uses deals with one of his patients, a woman who needed to lose weight. She’d been under alot of stress recently, so he suggested that she begin her weight loss program by simply marching in front of the television daily for a minute. The result is that she stuck with the program and continued to supplement it and lost weight.

The Buddhists have a saying ‘Faith by Fire vs Faith By Water’. Faith like fire is fast and furious. It blows up quickly and burns out just as quickly,. Faith like water, on the other hand water is a consistent steady process. The idea behind this book is similar. Slow steady change is more likely to last than larger more difficult ones.
(Originally published in December  2008)

The I Ching: A Brief Introduction

The I Ching (or Oracle of Changes) is over 5000 years old. It is the second oldest book in the Ancient Chinese library. Until recently every educated Asian was expected to know it. The I Ching  was first brought to the West (Germany) in 1926 by Richard Wilhelm, a German Christian Missionary, in 1926.

Put simply, the seeker asks a question and throws coins. The answer one receives is based on how the coins land. Although it is incredibly simple to do, the I Ching is also extremely accurate and insightful. I think the reason I like it is because there is no way one can control the way the coins fall, For me, the I Ching it is truly a way to connect with ones Higher Self.

Although I have studied the I Ching for 28 years, I am still amazed at its  accuracy and insight.  (Originally published August 6, 2013)